Questions Related to Club Fitting

Can I try some test shots and be fitted if I’m a lefty?
Shinjuku Store, Hiroo StoreYes, you can. To perform an accurate fitting, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance for a fee-based club health exam. During your appointment, specify that you are a lefty.
Nihonbashi StoreYes, you can. However, a special testing range is required, so you need to make an appointment. Please make an appointment using the club health exam page on our website.
During your appointment, specify that you are a lefty.
What do I need to bring for my fitting?
All PRESTIGE storesPlease bring the clubs you are currently using. If you do not bring them with you, you can substitute another club from among the test shot clubs available at the store.
Do I need to bring my shoes and gloves?
All PRESTIGE storesPlease bring them if that is possible. If you cannot bring them, the store will provide them.
I’d like to do an exam for two people. Can two people do it together?
Shinjuku Store, Hiroo StoreIf two time slots are available for an appointment at the same time, everything from reception to the exam can be done together. However, we will use separate testing range to do the exams. Each person needs to make an appointment for one time slot.
Nihonbashi StoreUnfortunately, due to the number of testing ranges available, we cannot allow two customers to have their exams together. Please make appointments for separate times through our website.
Can I make an appointment over the phone?
All PRESTIGE storesPlease make your appointment through our website.
Can I choose which staff member handles my fitting?
All PRESTIGE storesUnfortunately, customers cannot specify which staff member should handle their fitting.


Can I make tax-free purchases?
All PRESTIGE storesYes.
Can I shop using Alipay?
All PRESTIGE storesAlipay will become available. For details, please inquire at the store.
Do you have a parking lot?
Shinjuku StoreWe have an affiliated parking lot.Syscon Park Sendagaya Gochome、
is our affiliated parking lot, located about three minutes away from the store on foot.
Parking for 30 minutes is ¥400. Purchases of ¥5,400 or more (tax included) qualify for an hour of free parking.
Nihonbashi Store, Hiroo StoreWe do not have a parking lot. Please use metered parking lots in the area or take public transportation.